Gimme More Australian Shepherd


Sue's Health results:


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Sociability test of Sue


Sue passed her sociability test on 1st October 2017.


Litter announcement 


Missisippi of Gimme More "Sippi" and Cool-Paws Amazing Sir Valentine "George"  have puppies !  They were born on 31st December 2016.

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Health results of Ken 02/2016:


HD: B, 

ED: 0/0


Health results of Magnum 02/2016:


HD: A, 

ED: 0/0


Health results of Sippi 02/2016:


CMR1: Normal

DM: Normal

D-Locus: D/D (clear)


Health results of Sippi 11/2015:


HD: A, 

ED: 0/0,

SD: 0/0



ASCA Agility 09/2015:


Sippi: Title in Jumping Novice & Gamblers Novice

Magnum: Title in Jumping Novice & Gamblers Novice

Ziva: Title in Jumping Novice & Regular Novice

Ken: Title in Jumping Novice