Name: Magnum of Gimme More JS-E, GS-E, RE-E

Born: 16 October 2013

Color: Black Tri

Eyes : clear until May 2018
Hip score :  A
Elbow dysplasia :  0/0
HSF4 : clear by parentage
MDR1 : +/+ by parentage

prcd-PRA: clear by parentage

CEA-CH: clear by parentage

DM: Normal


Sire: Little Blue River's Iaap Minowa "Iaap"

Dam: Gimmelove van Nattrekja "Gimme"


Sociability test:  27th September 2014

Licence Obedience: 27th February 2015

Licence Agility: 3rd July 2015


FCI Agility: Level 3

ASCA Titles: JS-E, GS-E, RS-E

Name: Ken You C Me Gimme More JS-O, RS-N

Born: 8 February 2011

Color: Red Merle

Eyes : clear until May 2016
Hip score :  B
Elbow dysplasia : 0/0
HSF4 : clear by parentage
MDR1 : clear by parentage


Sire: Highhopes van Nattrekja "Hank"

Dam: Gimmelove van Nattrekja "Gimme"


Sociability test:  29th January 2012

Licence Agility:  28th February 2014 


FCI Agility: Level 1

ASCA Titles: JS-O, RS-N

Boys - Over the Rainbow Bridge

Name: Deejay van Nattrekja

Born: 25 March 2004 - 01 May 2014

Color: Black Tri


Licence Obedience: 2 June 2006 (96/100)

Licence Agility: 9 October 2005


DJ was a very affectionated dog with a big will to please.  We competed in Program 1 and in Level 2 of agility.